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GDPR & Your Dental Laboratory

Our reassurance

You will be aware of the GDPR legislation which went into law on the 25th May 2018. We would like to let you know how we take care of your data and that of your patients and why choosing to do business with ukdentech helps to deliver not only your obligations but your peace of mind.

Most dental practices have embraced electronic patient records for many years but still rely on more traditional forms of communications with suppliers, such as paper prescriptions to their laboratory or orders to other suppliers. Communications about patients are also conducted via systems such as Email, DropBox, WeTransfer, SMS and WhatsApp. Many of these systems are not inherently secure and rely on your data governance good practice.

We have invested heavily in removing the need to use many of the systems above when communicating patient data with us.

  • Ordering and prescriptions: Our secure electronic ordering and pricing portal

  • Clinical communication: Our portal or our company WhatsApp account

  • Case management: Real time secure screen sharing

  • Digital case submission: We support and use all of the common IOS (3shape, CEREC, iTero, Carestream) and recommend using case ID rather than patient name. 


We already are and have been for some time registered with the data commissioner’s office as a data controller and have thus been aware of the drive for tighter regulation and have consequently been enhancing our systems and working practices in anticipation.

In common with all of the industry we use a number of partner companies to provide aspects of our products from large multinationals such as Dentsply and Henry Schein to small local providers offering specialist services such as chrome production. We do not pass patient names or personal details (where we hold them) to any supplier. Where we need to pass an identifier to a supplier we use a unique number that is only relevant to our internal systems.

Our staff are regularly reviewed and reminded of their obligations under relevant legislation. GDC registered technicians are encouraged to maintain their CPD and review the latest guidance from the GDC.

Our systems are built to industry standards and reside on secure industry infrastructure. Our systems are built to industry security best practise. All systems are regularity Penetration tested by 3rd Parties and the latest reports show no external vulnerabilities against known industry issues.

In line with current regulation we maintain records for 11 years these include prescriptions, work tickets, case notes, scans, cad data and financial records.

We have already made a significant investment in systems and security. Through 2018 we are continuing to invest in ensuring our systems are the most secure in the industry. We urge you to take advantage of our new systems and our electronic ordering and communications portal which not only provides you with instant pricing and delivery but also the ability to upload sensitive information in a secure environment.

We remain committed and focussed on not only producing great products for you to enhance your patients lives but also providing you with the benefits of a truly digitally enabled partner.

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