We are conducting the largest ever survey across the UK dentistry profession to determine the future of digital dentistry. We aim to discover what the business case is for intra oral scanners (IOS) and related digital workflow technologies, plus how they help to enhance patient outcomes.


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For less than five minutes of your time you will receive a full copy of our Survey Report findings addressing the following:

  1. Your personal business case for and against intra-oral scanners (IOS).

  2. The capabilities required from your lab partner(s) to deliver a return on investment and your business benefits.

  3. The scale of restorative and / or orthodontic case volumes that you need to justify the investment.

  4. The specific areas in which your adoption of “digital dentistry” technology will help to enhance your business.

  5. The most important technology selection criteria that you should use when deciding on whether to invest in these technologies or not.

Why is this survey important? Intra oral scanners are perceived as being expensive and having significant ongoing annual costs. However, the technology is also improving rapidly, prices are falling and technology vendors are promising a wide range of benefits, as well as a compelling business case for adoption.

With some 2,000 scanners already deployed in the UK the time is right to validate which technologies are living up to their billing. We need you to help us measure the benefits of IOS technology and analyse the level of support available from the vendors. 

Please CLICK HERE to complete our IOS survey and help us to get to the answers with 5 minutes of your time

*We are offering the chance to trial our 3Shape® TRIOS® intra oral scanner for a free, no obligation, limited trial period, subject to availability. We will provide full training and ensure a smooth transition to give you a real flavour of working with a fully digital workflow. You will see the great benefits it brings to you and your patients. Register your interest at the end of our survey.

  • Receive a free survey report outlining your business case for an intra oral scanner
  • Register your interest in trialling our 3Shape® TRIOS® IOS*